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Are You Tired?

This summer I visited New York City, and I was troubled by the volume of homeless people I saw. There were people living everywhere on the streets with their cardboard shelters, grocery carts, and luggage. Many were actively or even aggressively seeking donations from the people that walked by, and […]


Secret to Stress Reduction

What if the secret to stress reduction is the elimination of a single phrase from your vocabulary? I have discovered the single phrase that I believe has the most negative impact on your emotional well-being and which is the greatest cause of stress in your life – a single phrase […]


Focus Shmocus – BE Present

Do you struggle with focus? Do you find yourself often or always getting distracted and feeling unable to focus on the task or project at hand? More important, do you even struggle with staying focused on what you’ve determined is the most important priority? Well, I do too, and we’re […]