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Do You Have a Safe Place to Be a Second Grader?

Do you remember when you were in the second grade (or anytime when you were young) and something went right? You got a good grade, made a new friend, figured something out, painted a cool picture, won a game, got a hit, scored a goal – you had any kind […]


One Choice Away

You’re always one choice away from the change you want. You fail to get what you want not by making the wrong choice, but by failing to make a choice (which is after all, a choice).


What Muscle Are You Using?

I like push-ups. I do 240 push-ups (four sets of sixty) almost every day as part of the morning routine I started over 10 years ago. When I started I did a few push-ups in standard form. Over the years, I’ve increased the quantity of push-ups and changed my form […]