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Walking My Talk (Despite Facebook)

I regularly hear people bemoaning the rise of social media (including Facebook) and predicting the end of all connections, relationships and communication with social media as the evil empire. I am NOT in this camp, and I have always believed that social media is merely one of many communication and […]

Employment Baggage

We all know about personal baggage. You know, that “stuff” from our past experiences that we carry around with us and bring into future experiences and relationships. That baggage that everyone else has, but we deny that we ourselves have. That baggage that we sometimes use to hit other people […]

Mime Your Leadership

What if you could not speak? What if you could not communicate with words? What if you chose not to use words to communicate and, instead, limited your communication to actions and gestures? What if you chose to mime your leadership? It may sound crazy, but miming your leadership would […]