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Most Powerful Words

During a recent personal retreat, I heard a speaker share several examples of powerful and empowering words – what he called the most powerful words– and over the past month I’ve added on to this list. Most important, I’ve started to realize that using these words with our team members […]

Learning Happens in the Present

If you’ve read or followed me for even a short time, you’ll know how much I believe in and embrace the power of being present – in the moment and in the now. As I’ve deepened my understanding and experience of the present, I’ve also learned some amazing things about […]

Bad Advice

I recently attended a wedding in which the priest’s marriage message referenced the book With Love and Prayersby F. Washington Jarvis (2010) – specifically, a chapter titled “Bad Advice.” I loved it because the point of both the book and the message was to avoid bad advice that many of […]