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Learning Happens in the Present

If you’ve read or followed me for even a short time, you’ll know how much I believe in and embrace the power of being present – in the moment and in the now. As I’ve deepened my understanding and experience of the present, I’ve also learned some amazing things about […]

Bad Advice

I recently attended a wedding in which the priest’s marriage message referenced the book With Love and Prayersby F. Washington Jarvis (2010) – specifically, a chapter titled “Bad Advice.” I loved it because the point of both the book and the message was to avoid bad advice that many of […]

The Illusion of Accountability

One of the first questions I ask business owners and leaders who come to me for a consultation is, “How are you doing with accountability?” Typically, when leaders are honest with themselves the answer is either “We could do a lot better” or “We are terrible at it.” Certainly, it […]