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Major League II and Traditions

Some people are very purposeful and intentional about creating traditions. I’ve taken a different route, and it’s an approach and mindset that may serve you well in ultimately experiencing traditions (without making a big deal of them at the outset). To explain, let me begin with the movie Major League […]

I Could Never

How often do you say some version of “I could never ….?” I know that I hear it regularly. I just completed my annual trip with my Dad – this time it was for 9 days out west and included an Amtrak train ride, 2,500 miles of driving (roughly the […]


As I write this blog, I’m sitting in my hotel in Riverton, WY, with my Dad. He and I are on our annual trip, and this is our 8thyear. We started off doing Civil War history trips, but this year we decided to do some bucket list trips for both […]