Are You Listening?

(Excerpt from my soon-to-be-published book, Just One Step: The Journey to Your Unstoppable You)

My question to you is simple – are you listening? So much (too much) of our lives are consumed with thinking about things and trying to figure things out, but I’ve learned that this rarely gets us where we’re meant to be. I’ve realized that my fears, doubts and hesitations reside exclusively in my mind and thinking. Thus, when I try to think things through or figure things out, I’m relying on the part of me that’s rational and afraid. Those voices you hear that say play it safe, don’t take risks and be certain come from your thinking, but your deepest truths and knowing are in your heart, your spirit and your intuition where it’s vital that you just listen.

When I chose to be a nomad after selling my house in January of 2017, that came from listening (not planning and thinking). My theory was simple – how can I discern where I’m supposed to be when I’m still where I’m. I just knew that I needed to be out of my old house and experiencing being free from that place and history before I’d know where I was meant to be. I knew that meant just listening, which I did (including on my Camino journey) and led to me deciding to purchase a condo in the Cleveland area after eight months as a nomad.

When I purchased the condo, people asked me about my thought process, and I told them that there was no thought process – I just listened in terms of the general area (Cleveland or elsewhere), the specific area and the home. The only thinking that I did related to the financing terms – everything else was intuition and gut. When I walked into the condo that I bought, I knew it was my place and I said yes and made an offer. I just listened.

Ever since my Camino journey, just listening has become the norm for me and it involves high levels of trust in myself and in my intuition. I’ve also realized that my thinking self is often confused and is working (unconsciously) to avoid risks, and sometimes to convince me that I don’t deserve some outcome or experience. I’m guessing you know that feeling – the voice that doubts your worthiness in some form or some way. Your thinking self is where that worthiness doubt lives, but your intuition and gut know your worthiness – they’re the source of all that you truly are and deserve IF you’re willing to trust and listen.

There’s no secret formula for listening – just a realization that all that you are and all that you’re meant to be and experience will be revealed to you by listening (not figuring things out). It also follows a readiness to trust yourself (and your heart and soul voices) more than you ever have before because you can sense (by listening) that that these voices are your truest and most authentic voices.

What things have you been trying to figure out while sensing (but not trusting) that there’s an answer, a truth, calling to you? What are the things that you know you need to do (or stop doing), but you’re choosing not to listen? Are you ready to trust yourself, your intuition and the answers that have always been waiting for you? 

Just listening led me to my Camino journey and experience. Just listening led me to where I’m living today? Just listening leads my daily choices and experiences. Just listening is creating opportunities and outcomes in my business that I never imagined were possible. Just listening is allowing me to have a life experience filled with more joy, peace and love than I ever could have envisioned. Just listening has helped me to understand who I am and all that I’m meant to be. Just listening has allowed me to find forgiveness for others and most important self-forgiveness. Just listening is the way. Are you ready to just listen?

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Are you listening ?

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