What Is Manhood?

(Three-Month Master Class – Twice a Month Group Sessions PLUS Monthly One-On-One Coaching)

Jeff Shares the What, Why and Why Now for BE A MAN

If you’re a man like me you’re tired of hearing the directive and sometimes warning to “be a man.“ You’ve probably heard that message since you were young and perhaps for many decades. A message from people who love and care about you, perhaps a parent, a friend, a partner, a business colleague, a boss or a culture.

The truth is it is time to “be a man“ but in a way that is everything you were told not to be. Open, honest, authentic, vulnerable, emotional and loving … and at the same time more powerful and connected than ever. Even more important, you’ll experience what it means to be authentically powerful in every part of your life.

Here’s what the future looks like if you’re willing to take the risk to be an empowered M.A.N.:

M – Mission Driven (living a mission beyond yourself)

A – Aware and Authentic (learning the truth about yourself and life and living differently as you act on that awareness)

N – Navigator (navigating your life differently and being the navigator for everyone around you to support them on their journeys)

And as you embrace all that you are as a man, as a partner, as a father, and as a leader, you will experience a whole new level and meaning of being P.O.W.E.R.F.U.L!

Jeff shares the essence of being a POWERFUL MAN!

P – Passionate and Present

O – Open Hearted

W – Wise

E – Empowering

R – Resilient

F – Fierce

U – Unchained

L – Loving

If you’re ready to really be a man and powerful, and to live your life as described above, join me and other men on a six-month journey. I’d love to have you with us on this journey.

The hell with New Years resolutions that are rarely kept … this is your opportunity to declare the man you want to be and commit to being the man you know you are.

Master Class starts April 2022!

This Be A Man Master Class on authentic masculinity will help you:

  • Become and live more self-aware
  • Take more personal responsibility for your life and outcomes
  • Live more accountably in every phase of your life
  • Connect more fully and authentically in all of your relationships
  • Trust yourself more than you ever imagined
  • Release yourself from the self-limiting beliefs and doubts that have held you back
  • Fully experience all of your emotions
  • Feel and trust the authentic confidence and presence that you are
  • Shed yourself of the stress and uncertainties that haunt you
  • Make the difference in the world that you so deeply desire

What others are saying:

“As a life coach and mentor to many, I know of many Coaches to choose from. When I was in need of support, my first choice was Jeff Nischwitz. Jeff’s style is so refreshing. His presence is solid and unwavering. He didn’t simply listen to my words, he heard the level below where the words came from. Jeffs ability to ask great questions is a skill that helped to take our sessions even deeper. I felt like I was the only thing on his mind when we worked together. In addition to his intuitive questions, Jeff offered me some new perspectives that helped me to not only understand myself better but see and explore several patterns in my life and relationships, If I ever need to call a Coach again, Jeff would be the one. There is comfort knowing he is there if and when I need him.” 

Dave Tuscany, Co-Owner Re/Max First

“My good friend Jeff has an amazing gift of insight into people’s innermost strengths, weaknesses, fears, and struggles. He is able to convert these valuable insights into life learning comments with tactful ‘arrows of truth.’” 

M. Scott Diggs, Entrepreneur & CEO

“The day I first met Jeff, more than 10 years ago, I was immediately taken by his seemingly uncanny ability to ask the critical question.  That is, the question that burns through the cloud cover at Mach 10 like a next generation heat-seeking missile and strikes the heart of the issue to make you stop and think…really think.  He has since invested himself in sharpening that ability, such that now his questions make you feel, as well as think.”

David J. AkersPresident & CEO, Collaborent Group, Ltd.

“If you agree with the theories or philosophies of Eckhart Tolle, Marianne Williamson, Deepak Chopra or Wayne Dyer, and you want to know how to think, act and communicate in business without compromising your spiritual beliefs while having an abundance of power, money and relationships, then Jeff Nischwitz can show you the path.”

Eric Andersen, Founding Partner, Andersen Sleater LLC

“I have known Jeff for several years now, and he is my personal development coach in business, yet all of my work with him is around me personally. With his support and development style, I am continually being challenged to look at what’s inside of me, with no judgment. His love for truth and development opens me up to face places of fear I would not have otherwise had the strength to face.”

Stephen Sheets, Vice President, Pompeii’s Plumbing & Heating, Inc.

Nothing should hold you back or prevent you from being the man you know you can be. If you are feeling the call to be that man, don’t delay!

I’m ready for the BE A MAN Journey!

What Others Have to Say About Coach Jeff!

Bill Bernhard … “I wish everyone had someone like Jeff”
Dave Tuscany … “As a life coach, [w]hen I was in need of support the first person I thought of calling was Jeff Nischwitz” 
David Akers … “Jeff is incredibly skilled as a deep question asker”

Our journey is ready to begin, all we need is you!

Your six-month BE A MAN Journey is only $497 per month and includes:

  • Monthly Live ZOOM small group coaching and discussion
  • Monthly 1:1 coaching with Jeff Nischwitz
  • BE A MAN Stay the Course Weekly Email
  • Discussions and relationships with likeminded men who share your passion for becoming a POWERFUL MAN
A Final Thought From Jeff