What If It’s Real?

Some of the most common comments I hear (in person or via social media), especially when I post about any of my business adventures or life experiences, go like this: “You’re so lucky,” “Your life looks great,” or “Things look like they’re going great for you.” More specifically, the most […]

Which Wolf Will You Feed?

Which wolf, you say? You may be wondering if you’ve mistakenly stumbled upon a re-telling of Little Red Riding Hood, but fear not – you’re right where you’re supposed to be. Yes, I am talking about wolves, but these wolves come from a traditional Cherokee story: An old Cherokee was […]

The Legacy Paradox

The legacy paradox? If you’re confused as to how legacy can invoke a paradox, I hope you’ll stick with me because the two different contexts for legacy that I’m referencing are critical elements to consider for anyone involved in the practice of law (in any form) and especially for any […]

Embracing the Flaws

Let’s agree on one thing: nobody’s perfect. See, that wasn’t that hard. Well, maybe it was hard. From the moment we entered law school, we’ve been taught that the objective is to be perfect Perfect in what we do, say and write. Perfect in our analysis and in finding the […]

Let Your Little One Play

Do you have fun? It’s a pretty simple question. Do you have fun? You’d think it would be an easy question to answer, but I’ve recently become clearly aware that I was not having fun – at least not in the ways that I wanted to. One of the unexpected […]

Let It Go

When it comes to Disney movies, there are three possible answers to the question “Did you like it?”: 1. I loved it; 2. It was okay; or 3. I hated it (almost never). Let’s face it – whether we want to admit it publicly or not, Disney is a team […]

Are You Having Fun?

You heard me. It’s quite a simple question – Are you having FUN? Well, are you? If not, why not? And most important, what are you waiting for? I ask this important question for three reasons: Life is supposed to be fun, both personally AND professionally; We don’t often ask […]

The Greatest Holiday Present©

‘Tis the season – the holiday season that is. Whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, some other holiday, or no holiday, the holiday season is always a part of the month of December. What that means for each of us depends a little bit on which specific holiday (or holidays) […]

Accelerating into 2015 with 3 Critical Questions©

It’s Thanksgiving time, which means it’s also the time we think about assessing 2014 and planning for 2015. People and organizations (and perhaps you) are contemplating how the current year went and what to do in the coming year. Around this time every year, strategy sessions are planned, retreats are […]

When In Doubt, Act©

When I talk to lawyers, I usually hear the same few complaints: “I wish I had more business” “I wish I wasn’t so busy” [busyness is not the same as business] “I wish I wasn’t so scattered” “I wish I wasn’t so stressed” “I wish my life was simpler” There […]