Five Keys for Great Meetings, Part 3: Problem Solving

This week I’m continuing with the five-part series on creating more engaging, meaningful, effective and impactful meetings through these five keys: 1.   Start and Finish on Time 2.   Be Clear on the Question (or Agenda) 3.   Don’t Solve Problems (other than the problem that’s the focus of the meeting) 4.   Finish with “What Did […]

Five Keys for Great Meetings, Part 2: Agenda

FAs we confirmed in last week’s blog, most meetings suck—and yet I was suggesting that we need moremeetings. The reason for my seemingly insane suggestion is simple: the answer is not fewer meetings, but bettermeetings, and better meetings require different thinking. Enter the five keys for more engaging, meaningful, effective and impactful […]

Five Keys for Great Meetings (Time)

Most meetings suck … and you need more meetings! Are you insane, Jeff? If our meetings suck, then why do we need more meetings? Simple – because the answer is not fewer meetings, but bettermeetings. But if you want to have better meetings, you need to know how to plan, lead […]

Caring Over Courage

Leadership is not always easy. In fact, it often involves taking risks. One way to think about leadership is that it’s like walking into and through a fire. You can usually tell when you are leading because you feel the heat or sense the risk. If leadership was easy, everyone […]

What Are You Looking For?

Over the years, I have learned an interesting leadership and life lesson – one that you may want to resist. It’s simple: whatever you are looking for, you will typically see. Put another way, you will most often see and experience what you are looking for and expecting. More specifically, […]

Mom and Moments

10:32 AM … Monday, January 15, 2018 This was the last moment of my Mom’s life. One year ago, today. It’s hard to believe that it’s already been a year. Such a clear reminder of the speed and fragility of life. While I very well remember that last moment (and […]

Beat Down is Not Better Leadership

When was the last time you felt like a leader, manager or some other person beat you down about something you had done or not done, accomplished or not accomplished? My guess is that most of you could quickly think of a time when you were beat down, and for […]

Which Scares You Most?

Let’s start with this reality – fear is real. Certainly, there are different levels of fear. There is fight or flight fear when confronted with a life or death threat, and this type of fear you actually feel in your mind and body. There is also much more subtle fear, […]

How Do You Measure a Year?

If you’re a Broadway fan, you’ll likely recognize this question from the opening song (“Seasons of Love”) in the musical Rent (listen in to hear the entire song). Rent is one of my favorite Broadway musicals for two primary reasons – it’s a love story, and it invites us to look at life and […]

Sharpen Your Leadership Edge

My Dad loves knives, and the gift of a knife is always a good choice for him. Two things I’ve learned about knives: 1. the importance of keeping the blade sharp; and 2. you sharpen a knife blade in small increments. If you have ever sharpened a knife you know […]