Engaging Accountable Teams

Team Acceleration

Is your business on track?

Is your team aligned, engaged and accountable?

Is your team consistently and predictably executing?

Are you ready to unleash an accountable team on your objectives?

Alignment Accountbility Predictability Engagement Communication

Today’s business reality? No shortage of ideas, but a woeful lack of consistent and predictable execution … Organizations and teams are not achieving their objectives (big and small). If your business is not effectively and consistently executing, then it’s time for a change… a different way of thinking, being, communicating, and leading!

This is NOT traditional team building (a top down approach to trying to squeeze more out of your team). This is a bottom up and foundational approach to connecting your team in a different way and empowering them with implementable tools to help them communicate, clarify expectations, support each other towards execution, and make things happen within your organization.

Are you ready to change your organization’s internal stories and transform your team, your organization, and your results?

Our unique Team Acceleration Programs will help your team…

  • Communicate, Align and Engage: Imagine your team working together and supporting each other in new, deeper, and different ways.
  • Culturize Accountability: Imagine your team enthusiastically embracing accountability as a way of life using our Stickless AccountabilityTM method.
  • Predictably Execute: Imagine your team getting more of the right things done … consistently, effectively, and on time.
  • Accelerate Your Outcomes and Results… No imagination necessary with Team Acceleration!

What’s in it for your organization and team?

  • Clarify leadership and team gaps and opportunities… and resolve them
  • Amplify communication, clarity and alignment
  • Instill personal empowerment and an execution culture
  • Evaluate internal relationships and nurture a self-accountability environment
  • Predictably achieve strategic and tactical objectives

JNtriangleThree Program Opportunities

  1. Full Throttle – For high performing organizations ready to unleash their business, teams and potential, Full Throttle includes team and individual assessments, trust enhancements, training and development, personal development plans, and individual execution coaching.
  2. Acceleration – For strong organizations ready to engage, execute and accelerate, Acceleration includes team and individual assessments, trust enhancements, training and development, personal development plans, and kick start individual coaching.
  3. Ignition – For stable organizations looking to improve communication, accountability and execution, Ignition includes team assessments, trust enhancements and team training and development.

To unleash your team, contact The Nischwitz Group via email or 216.956.6587.

“Jeff’s sessions involve the entire audience and he is able to encourage open and honest discussion and responses. My teams leave Jeff’s workshops both energized and committed to improving the interaction of their own teams. If your goal is to improve teamwork and add a valued partner to help your firm achieve results, then I highly recommend Jeff and his excellent programs.”

Michael DiMino, President & CEO, Rural Metro Ambulance


“I recommend Jeff at the highest level for his outstanding Leadership Training Program which was hugely impactful for our team. Jeff employed a unique combination of Group Training and individual one-on-one development coaching which targeted the needs of each Manager. The impact of Jeff’s work was realized immediately with increased self-awareness, cohesiveness, and enhanced communication among our team. We are all big Jeff Nischwitz fans. He will make a positive difference in your organization.”

Mitch Kroll, CEO, Findaway World


“VIP was looking to make a radical change in our management approach. We knew we needed assistance but were not looking for a traditional ‘team building’ retreat. Jeff was willing to take the time on the front end to understand the concerns, ask great questions and get feedback from all of the management team. Jeff does not come to the process with a fixed agenda; rather he taps into the group and their energy and then makes changes along the way to make sure that the desired outcomes occur. Jeff’s open honest approach, and his willingness to share stories about other companies, teams, and their challenges, brought humor to the process and encouraged others to be honest and open. Jeff gave us concrete next steps, and helped us to define how we would determine and measure our success moving forward. I believe a true paradigm shift occurred during our meeting and there is no better outcome that we could ask for.”

Bethany Friedlander, Chief Operating Officer, VIP Restoration


“Our company has been growing rapidly which has put pressure on the management team and the owners. We brought Jeff in to facilitate our communication, better understand our differences and determine how to make the best use of our team resources. Jeff brings himself to the process, he is not an objective or distant facilitator; rather he is willing to show his true self which encourages others to do the same. He stayed present throughout the meeting even when it got heated, and led us through. His preparation and follow up is exceptional, he used excellent tools on the front end to help illustrate both the problems and the opportunities we had and then made sure that the notes from the meeting and the conclusions were quickly back to the team so we did not lose momentum. I would recommend Jeff to anyone looking for an authentic not ‘off the shelf’ approach to solving problems within their team.”

Brad Friedlander, CEO, Red Restaurant Group


“I first met Jeff Nischwitz at a legal conference, and I was impressed with his ideas about the business of law and bought his book Think Again!. I founded Marshall, Parker and Associates in 1980 and, after 30 years, the time had come for me to turn over its management to the next generation of lawyers. As we struggled with this difficult process we realized that without an effective transition, the firm could die. So we turned to Jeff to help us find our way through the tangled thicket of issues we were facing. For several months Jeff shared his wisdom and insight, helped us overcome communication barriers and other mistakes and minefields, and moved us through what I now can state was not only a successful transition but a transformation. Our firm might well have survived without Jeff’s help, but because of Jeff’s assistance, it has not just survived – it has prospered. Based on my experience, I can recommend Jeff Nischwitz to any law firm that wants to seek out its full potential.”

Jeffrey Marshall, Founding Attorney, Marshall, Parker and Associates, Williamsport, PA