Our New Look

For the past five years, Think Again CoachingTM has been the face of our enterprise. While Think AgainTM is not going away, starting NOW the new name and face of the enterprise is The Nischwitz Group, accompanied by a new brand, look, logo, tagline and way of doing business– with a theme of integration, authenticity and transformation. As the saying goes, “Go big or go home!”

Yes, I know I’m biased, but I LOVE the new brand, created with passion and purpose by Jeanne Frazer and her amazing team at Vitalink Marketing (www.vitalinkweb.com) in Raleigh, NC. Jeanne and her team pushed, challenged and questioned this brand into existence, helping me to connect deeply to who I am and why I do what I do– moving me from a business model to a calling.

The logo itself speaks of my strong connection to God and the spiritual connection between all people and all things. It represents ongoing personal growth and development that is never finished or complete. It visually embodies the theme of relationships and interconnection, including the alignment that exists when we live our lives and build our businesses in connection with our personal identities. In contrast to the misconception that all you need is a simple strategy or tactic, the logo acknowledges that business and life can be complicated, challenging and even messy. The brushstroke look speaks to the reality that each of us is painting our own masterpiece in business and in life. Finally, several friends have told me that the new logo feels peaceful, which to me invokes being at peace with who you are and with never-ending change and transformation.

When you visit www.nischwitzgroup.com, you’ll immediately see some common themes, including the power and divine design of nature. The nature photographs are all part of my life experience, taken with my own camera. I have always felt a strong connection between nature and my belief that all things and all people are connected, living and experiencing everything in relationship with each other. These are the types of visual experiences that often take my breath away and thus remind me of the power of a breath to allow me to remain calm and grounded in the midst of chaos and change.

If all of this looks different, then mission accomplished. If you look at the new brand and don’t see “traditional corporate,” then second mission accomplished. My life and this business is about a new way of being, thinking, leading and living– fully integrating and aligning who you are with what you do. As Dan Baker so eloquently stated, “The greatest tragedy of all is to waltz through life unaware, unconnected and unfulfilled.” I look forward to sharing more about this journey of integration, alignment and awakening. Welcome to The Nischwitz Group!

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