Showers and Leadership

What you say? Showers cannot have anything to do with leadership, but indeed they do. Think about the best way to turn on your shower to get hot water. Do you turn the temperature to cold and then slowly turn up the heat, OR do you turn the heat all the way up, let the water get hot and then turn downthe heat? If you’re like most people, you do the latter – turn the heat all the way up and then dial it down.

The same is true for leadership. If you lead with little steps hoping to achieve your full leadership potential, you will likely fail because you’ll never get to that full potential. How often are leaders challenged to step up? The reason is that we are playing it safe in our leadership.

I encourage my leadership coaching clients to go beyond their perceived limits, and I remind them that they know they’re leading when they get pulled back. You can only be pulled back when you’ve gone out past the edge, and even then the person pulling you back might be wrong.

The key point is that leadership is about going past your edges because that’s the only way to find your edges (by going past them). You cannot find your edges by sneaking up on them.

If you want to achieve your full leadership potential, then treat your leadership like the shower. Turn the heat (and your leadership) up all the way (not out of arrogance, but with confident trust) and then turn it down to best fit what’s needed. And by the way, as you and your leadership grows you’ll have to continue to turn up the heat (and your leadership) forever because every time you achieve one edge, there will be a new edge to achieve in the future.

Yes, indeed, showers can tell us a lot about leadership! Time to turn up the heat on your leadership!

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