Stop Wasting the Invitation©

Have you ever wished that networking partners, referral sources and potential clients would give you an engraved invitation to tell them something about your business? Guess what –they do all the time, but we miss the invitation. This invitation is your opportunity to regularly and consistently educate everyone in your […]

It’s Never the First Answer©

If you know me, then you know I have a problem – I’m addicted to questions. I love how questions invite new learning and insights. I love the awareness that we experience through good questions. Like Albert Einstein, I believe that the search for the right question is more important […]

Inside Questions Create Internal Alignment©

One of the most critical tools of the conscious and self-reflective leader is the willingness to continually go inside for answers and learning opportunities, no matter what the circumstance, situation or perceived cause. Conscious leaders embrace internal questions, ones they repeatedly ask of themselves when things go well, when things go […]

Accelerating into 2014 with 3 Critical Questions©

It’s December – time to assess 2013 and plan for 2014. Leaders and organizations everywhere are contemplating how 2013 went and what to do in 2014. Strategy sessions are being planned, retreats are being held and review sessions are being facilitated, all with a goal to do better in the […]