Relationship Magic©

Whether we like it or not, most people do things that serve their best interests. This is not selfish but merely the nature of people, and thus we must always begin any quest into a new way of thinking and being with the inquiry, “What’s in it for you (or […]

Are You All In?©

According to Woody Allen, “Eighty percent of success is showing up.” Certainly, I’ve heard a familiar lesson for much of my life: show up and you’ll be ahead of the game. Yet I have come to question – in fact to doubt – the truth of this assertion. At the […]

Questions Are Indefensible©

Marilee Adams is the creator of Question ThinkingTM and the author of Change Your Questions, Change Your Life: 10 Powerful Tools for Life and Work, and she powerfully posited the following: The most effective communication is about 20% telling and 80% asking. Most of us have turned this around – […]

Unmask & Unleash Your Leadership

On February 19th, Jeff Nischwitz will be the keynote speaker for the Heights Regional Chamber of Commerce’s Business Breakfast Series. Jeff will be presenting Unmask & Unleash Your Leadership based upon his recently published book – Unmask: Let Go of Who You’re “Supposed” to Be & Unleash Your True Leader (Motivational […]

Praise for Unmask … An Amazon Review

“Reading “UnMask” is an intensely personal experience. And, candidly, one that I put off for some time after Jeff finally pulled the trigger on publishing the book. My delay in reading the book is strange on the surface, in that I have known, worked with, learned from, and coached Jeff […]

The Trap of False Truths©

Riddle me this: When is the truth not the truth? Answer: When I am talking to myself. If you’re thinking that this riddle is not funny, you’re right – but it is true. We are so focused  on what we believe is true (and often it is), that we miss […]

The Self-Accountability Crisis© (adapted from Unmask: Let Go of Who You’re “Supposed” to Be & Unleash Your True Leader)

Accountability is an often misunderstood and misinterpreted concept that must be clarified for the sake of leadership and business. This same sense of urgency applies to your personal self-leadership, which has the most impact on what you do, how you do it and what you create. One of the most […]

Conscious Leaders Crave Direct Feedback© (adapted from Unmask: Let Go of Who You’re “Supposed” to Be & Unleash Your True Leader)

All leaders (well, most) say that they want feedback, but do they really mean it? In my experience, the answer is no. Many leaders say they want feedback, but are defensive and dismissive when it’s given. More important, they don’t act on it even when they are willing to hear […]

Courageously Vulnerable© (adapted from Unmask: Let Go of Who You’re “Supposed” to Be & Unleash Your True Leader)

Yes, I did it. I brought the dreaded “V” word into the business conversation, and it is about time because our world and our businesses need a whole lot more vulnerability. In many ways, vulnerability is slowly and quietly becoming the new strategic weapon for business leaders. It is also […]