The Big Miss

I’m writing this week’s blog on the patio of my Airbnb apartment in Greece – my last day in Greece before traveling on to Iceland tomorrow for a couple of days before heading back to the United States. This past week I spoke several times for the INPACT EMEA & […]

What’s the Big Secret?

  In most organizations, the norm is to withhold information (especially financial information) from the team members, or to at least limit what information is shared with team members. I’ve heard many reasons for this withholding, but what message do we send when we choose not to let team members […]

The Naked Truth©

I know you’re going to be disappointed. This article is not about being naked – well, at least not literally. It is actually focused on the truth about what it means to be naked as a leader—being authentic. Let me begin with one of the most famous lines from the […]