Time to Refresh

When you’re online, you want the most up-to-date information you can get. It’s easy to use the trusty F5 at the top of the keyboard to instantly refresh what you’re looking at as you go, so if you’re like me, you regularly use it. Why not, since it’s that simple to update your webpage and the information before you? In an instant you see the most current and most useful version of the information you’re seeking. I wonder, however, do we always do as well refreshing our own business message and value proposition? Do we consistently offer the most useful and enticing information about our own ventures? How many business opportunities are we be missing out on simply because we have neglected to hit the F5 key for ourselves?

While visiting my brother’s family in Dayton recently, I was out for a morning run and saw a real estate sign that I’d real estateseen many times before. I’d guess that many people have seen this sign before– and that they’ve in fact seen it over and over and over – because the sign itself has seen better days. So many better days that I can’t imagine anyone being interested in this residential lot based solely upon the sign. It’s worn out. It’s beaten up. It has clearly been sitting in this same spot on this yet unsold lot for a long time. Is it likely someone will come along willing to pay what the realtor is asking? This lot is worth what it is worth, yet the sign alone devalues it. It’s doing no favors for the realtor or potential buyers; instead, it is insistent in its implication that “this lot has been sitting here unsold for a long time because no one is interested.”

Yes, I’m reading a lot into a sign (more specifically, the sign’s condition), but am I? The refresh would be simple – to install a nice, new shiny sign would say “Buy me, because I am fresh on the market!” Even for those who may have seen this lot before and have known it to have been for sale for some time, a new visual alone might change an initial perception about its value. When it comes to sales and business, perception is reality, and a “refresh button” is a key element to creating, framing and maintaining perceived value of your products or services.

When was the last time you refreshed your value proposition? When was the last time you refreshed your business, product or service message? When was the last time you refreshed your evaluation of your product or service in order to assure that it was highly valuable and uniquely relevant? If it has been some time, then now is the time to assess and refresh all of the foregoing in your business. Otherwise, it’s likely that what you offer could be appearing worn out, beaten up or stale. Remember too, not only clients are reacting; referral sources, the market and even your team members notice when something is getting stale.  Consider if it may be time to make sure that everything your business provides is sharp, current, relevant and value-focused in the eyes of your clients and prospective clients. Hit F5. Otherwise, you may quickly become that old sign that everyone ignores.


  1. You are exactly right! We live in a very paced world where everything is grabbing for our attention. If we don’t change to be the “shiny object”, we will be overlooked!

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