What’s Your Excellence Commitment?

This week I’ve been in Central Mexico — specifically, Mexico City and an area about two hours south of Mexico City. While Mexico City is a very large city — the second largest in the Americas (almost 9 million people in 2015) — it is in many ways a very economically poor country. While there is certainly evidence of wealth in Mexico City, there is also many who appear to the lower class or poor. However, what struck me is watching the workers of Mexico and, in particular, their commitment to excellence.
So often I hear negative comments about Mexican workers, but that was not my experience. Knowing that these every day workers are paid extremely low wages, I witnesses their work ethics and commitment to excellence in watching them work. This morning I even watched a woman washing clothes with bar of soap using water in the small town trough. This is not easy work, but you could see her commitment to her work.
I also spent time watching several men doing construction and yard work, and they were meticulous in their efforts. Clearly, a commitment to excellence. This afternoon I was watching yet another demolition crew doing hand demolition of a building, and they were using nothing but sledge hammers. Certainly, hard work but there they were slamming that hammer to break up and break down an entire building.
One thing for certain is that these workers are not motivated by exceptional wages, unless perhaps they’re motivated by pure survival and the need to make some living. However, they demonstrate a clear commitment to excellence and a pride in their work.
What is your commitment to excellence? What is your level of pride in your work? Are you doing just enough to meet basic expectations or are you delivering on your own commitment to excellence? If you aren’t sure, now is the time to make a choice, to set an intention and to commit to excellence in every aspect of your profession and your life.

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