Your One Third©

If you’re like me, you find yourself saying something like this: “I can’t believe it’s already September” or “Where did the summer go?” Funny how time seems to fly in our minds, but not so funny how we (I include myself in this) fail to take action to change it. No, we can’t stop time, but we can do something different with the time we have left. None of us know how much time we have left in our lives, but we certainly know how much time we have left in a year – in this case, the one third that we all have left in 2015.

Despite the fact that 2015 has been flying by, we all have one third of the year left. Four months to get things done—hopefully, the right things. Four months to make a plan or execute our existing plan. Four months to grow our businesses and plant the seeds for future growth. Four months to spend precious time with our families and friends. Four months to develop new relationships or build upon our existing relationships. Four months to share our gifts with the world. Four months to make an impact in our businesses, our jobs, our families, or our communities. Four precious months!

What will you do with the gift of the next four months? Will you focus on what you haven’t gotten done in the first eight months of 2015, OR will you act with a sense of urgency with the four months you have left this year? This is a choice you will make whether you like it or not. You have the four months, and it’s up to you what you choose to do with those four months. Even if you choose to do nothing different or differently, that’s still a choice.

How much time you have left (four months or one third of 2015) is not what matters. What matters is how intentional, purposeful and actionized you are with the time you have. Decide today to make your one third matter. Decide today to make the most of your one third. Decide today that your one third will be the most impactful one third of your life—until you get the gift of another year in 2016.

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