It’s Always Easier Not To

I was recently nominated on Facebook to take part in the 22 Day Challenge. The Challenge is simple – video yourself doing 22 push-ups every day for 22 days to bring awareness to the cause of veterans who take their own lives (on average, there are 22 every day). You also nominate another person each day to participate in the Challenge. When my friend nominated me, I happily committed because this cause is important to me. The fact that many veterans are struggling to survive in our world, many suffering from PTSD, is an important issue that I can fully get behind, and I started my 22 Day Challenge two weeks ago. That’s how I learned an important lesson – It’s Always Easier Not To!

Every part of the 22 Day Challenge is easy. Twenty-two push-ups a day – easy, since I typically do 240 push-ups every morning. Twenty-two days – easy enough. Shoot a quick video every morning sharing the cause, nominating a new person and doing my push-ups – easy. The most “difficult” part of the Challenge is probably picking the next person to nominate each day. All in all, the entire process is easy and takes perhaps 5 minutes each morning. Easy, yet….

On Day 5 of the Challenge, I woke up and my initial thought (after seeing my Calendar reminder) was, I have to do this push up thing again and for another 17 days. I didn’t hesitate long, and I completed Day 5 (as of this morning, I’m on Day 13). It wasn’t a big hesitation, but the hesitation was there despite the fact that actually doing the Challenge is easy. That’s when it hit me – It’s always easier not to – and I realized how true this is in all of life and how I must stay aware of this reality so that it doesn’t sneak up on me.

It’s always easier to do nothing when action is required. It’s always easier to stay silent when a wrong or injustice is taking place. It’s always easier to go along than to speak up or walk away. It’s always easier to stay the same and not change. It’s always easier to stay out of it. It’s always easier to say “that’s not my problem.” It’s just true – It’s always easier not to – and this fact can sneak up on us.

But, when we can see “it” coming, we can be prepared for the hesitation and be ready to take action, to be courageous and to overcome the compelling draw of the “not to.” Where in your life are you taking the easy way out? Where do you have the opportunity to do, but choose the easier not to? In the past week we have seen many examples of hurt, pain and loss, and I wonder – was there an opportunity for someone to do something to change things, but it was easier not to? It will always be easier not to (that will never change), but the more important question is whether you will make the doing important enough to overcome it.

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