Are You Clear?

Over the past couple of years, it has become more and more clear that clarity (pun intended) plays a vital role in the achievement (or non-achievement) of my goals and objectives. If I’m not clear what I specifically want to achieve, then my odds of achieving them are significantly reduced. This also applies in terms of the types of customers and clients that I’m seeking. While I can take whichever clients or customers come to me, being clear about the kind of clients and customers that I want will help me get more of what I want.

During 2017 I’ve been using (and benefiting from) a simple approach to client traits, and the results have been incredible. By using the simple concepts listed below, I’m able to quickly discern which potential clients fit my desired traits and which do not. I’ve been able to better focus and target my marketing and sales efforts, and I’ve been less inclined to pursue clients that do not fit my desired objectives. That’s a big return from spending a small amount of time getting clear about the type of clients I desire.

While each of you will have different characteristics that fit your desirable (or non-desirable) potential clients, the basic categories are the same for all of us.

  • Perfect Fit
  • Very Good Fit
  • Good Fit
  • Okay Fit
  • Poor Fit
  • Horrible Fit

You’re probably wondering why only the top two are highlighted, and the answer is simple – only Perfect and Very Good Fits are high quality opportunities. This means that anything less than Perfect or Very Good (Good to Horrible) require serious thought and consideration before pursuing them and before accepting them. In other words, the basic assumption is that Good to Horrible fits have to earn their right for you to invest time in pursuing them and accepting them.

This may sound like a high standard, but that’s the point. Too often, we pursue and certainly accept new clients or customers (and invest time in pursuing opportunities) that do not well serve us or our business. In many cases, these lower quality opportunities create drains and distractions on our time, resources, energy and attention.

What makes a Perfect or Very Good fit (versus the rest)? That’s up to you to determine, but don’t cheat yourself by lowering the quality and clarity. Consider your past experiences with clients and customers and make a list of the traits and qualities that worked well (and proved valuable) and the qualities that did not work well. This might include the size of the client or customers (in terms of revenue), but this would only be one possible characteristic. Others to consider might be profitability, risk factors, client’s value of you and your business, future opportunities with or referrals from the client, alignment (or non-alignment) with your existing resources, geographic considerations, focus areas in your business (e.g. if their business fits with industries that you’re looking to grow and expand), etc. In other words, consider what makes an amazing client / customer and opportunity, and this is your Perfect Fit. Something close to this would then be Very Good, and everything else would be Good or less.

It’s interesting how the process of considering these factors and determining these different categories will help you not only be clear about what you want, but help you be more focused in your outreach efforts and in more quickly discerning and evaluating every opportunity that presents itself. As noted above, it will also help you avoid the various traps of pursuing or taking on lesser quality opportunities without enough thought.

Bottom line… if you’re clear on what you want, you’re more likely to get more of what you want and you’ll waste less time, energy and resources on opportunities that don’t fit your Perfect and Very Good categories. Imagine the positive impact on your efforts and results from this simple process. Are you clear? If not, now is the time to shift to a more intentional approach to pursue your goals and objectives with clarity and precision. Happy achieving!

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