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The need for transformational change in leadership is great and the urgency is even greater. The world is waiting for brave and bold leaders to take the risks of leading in these different and people-focused ways. These unique, uncertain and sometimes chaotic times have further highlighted the scale of the leadership gap and clarified the people impact of our leadership failures. More than ever, leadership is not only needed, but leadership is the answer to the challenges we face today in every part of our businesses and lives. Snow Globe Leadership: Shaken Not Settled is the call to leadership of our times. 

“Jeff Nischwitz makes a brilliant case for shaking things up in his new book, Snow Globe Leadership. Since we’ve all experienced months of uncertainty, worry and constant pivots, the timing for his book couldn’t be better. He shares substantive commentary on why today’s leaders need to adjust the way they think and work. He also offers some satisfying strategies for determining where to start and how to reap the benefits of constant personal and professional evolution. I look forward to recommending this book to leaders who are ready to shake things up and transform their potential for success.” Sara Canaday, Leadership Expert, Keynote Speaker & Award-Winning Author (

Just One Step: Walking Backwards to the Present on the Camino Trail takes you on an unforgettable journey with Jeff on the Camino de Santiago. Like the trek itself, this book is filled with wonder and wistfulness, happiness and heartache, pain and progress. Just One Step is the story of Jeff’s Camino journey – the people he met, the experiences he had, and the lessons he learned about himself and about life.

“Sometimes in life it’s enough to ‘Just Be Present’ and sometimes we have to ‘Just Walk Backwards’ in our journey, seeing where we’ve been to better know where we’re going.  Just One Step takes us through a journey in which Jeff does an amazing job of challenging us both to be present and to press full steam ahead, thinking differently in every aspect of our lives.  This book speaks volumes to the multitude of people who sometimes get stuck in the routine of life. Thank GOD for a man like Jeff Nischwitz that’s courageous enough to provide his friends and readers with ‘arrows of truth’ that inspire us to think bigger, dream larger, and execute intentionally on life’s amazing journey every day!” M. Scott Diggs, Entrepreneur & CEO

Arrows of Truth: Simple Shifts for Personal Transformation is filled with countless shifts – simple shifts – that will help you achieve the transformation you’re seeking in every aspect of your leadership, relationships, career and life. If you’re ready to Get Shift Done in your life, Arrows of Truth will give you the tools you need to achieve your own personal transformation.

“I have had the opportunity to witness firsthand Jeff Nischwitz’s arrows of truth. Jeff has a rare gift of seeing the gold and obstacles in others and sharing it – arrows of truth – with love and a sincere desire to help people see what they’re ready to see. Arrows of Truth offers you many different shifts in perspective that will help you find your own truth.” Walter Rakowich, Business Leader, Author & Former CEO of Prologis

Unmask: Let Go of Who You’re “Supposed” to Be & Unleash Your True Leader, a road map for navigating your own personal journey as a leader in your business, career, relationships and life. Jeff Nischwitz’s new concept of integrated leadership—what he calls LIVINGSHIP—represents a new way of living, thinking and leading in every part of your life. 

“It is so refreshing knowing the author of Unmask actually LIVES the message of this important book. Jeff Nischwitz not only introduces the world to Livingship, but he puts us all on a journey to living, leading and loving differently.” Tommy Spaulding, New York Times Bestselling author of It’s Not Just Who You Know