Are You Ready to Shake Up Your Leadership?

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Snow Globe Leadership Book Launch

The need for transformational change in leadership is great and the urgency is even greater. The world is waiting for brave and bold leaders to take the risks of leading in these different and people-focused ways. These unique, uncertain and sometimes chaotic times have further highlighted the scale of the leadership gap and clarified the people impact of our leadership failures. More than ever, leadership is not only needed, but leadership is the answer to the challenges we face today in every part of our businesses and lives. Snow Globe Leadership: Shaken Not Settled is the call to leadership of our times. 

Leigh and Jonathan Bowman-Perks, Top 1.5% Global Broadcasters and Coaches, provided the Foreword for Snow Globe Leadership which included: “Of over 200 books that we’ve read, analysed, reviewed and drawn crucial lessons from to put into practice in the last three years, this is now one of our favourites. Undoubtedly. Jeff is right when he claims that leadership is broken in so many areas and needs a new people centric culture of real psychological safety.

As leaders we need to exhibit and earn in return more humanity, vulnerability, trust and relationship building. This is where Jeff’s essential disruption and snow globe shake ups are needed. Read, absorb and answer his call to action, his call to humanity, his call to leadership.”

Excerpt from Snow Globe Leadership about the magic of snow globe shaking in leadership:

“What I’ve come to deeply understand and experience is that what’s true for snow globes is also true of your leadership, relationships and lives—it’s critical that you regularly shake your snow globe. While looking good is nice, the snow globe’s magic is in the shaking, and this is also true for every element of your leadership. In fact, a snow globe at rest is like your life at rest—it looks good, but there’s not much happening. While you may think that a snow globe and life at rest are peaceful, the reality is that they’re just settled. In fact, an apt description of a snow globe at rest is that it’s not living up to its potential or what it was built to be and experience. The same is true for you and your leadership—without regular shaking, it’s just okay and you’re not living up to all you were built to be, experience and impact. And that’s just it— impact is the objective of leadership.”

Here’s just some of the advance praise for Snow Globe Leadership:

“I love the metaphor in Snow Globe Leadership, Shaken Not Settled. Jeff teaches us that the real magic in life and in our organizations is in the shaking – not staying stagnant and content but pushing ourselves to constantly view our relationships and ourselves differently. Read this book 

and sprinkle some of this magic on those that we love and serve.”

— Tommy Spaulding, New York Times Bestselling Author of The Gift of Influence and The Heart-Led Leader

“Jeff Nischwitz makes a brilliant case for shaking things up in his new book, Snow Globe Leadership. Since we’ve all experienced months of uncertainty, worry and constant pivots, the timing for his book couldn’t be better. He shares substantive commentary on why today’s leaders need to adjust the way they think and work. He also offers some satisfying strategies for determining where to start and how to reap the benefits of constant personal and professional evolution. I look forward to recommending this book to leaders who are ready to shake things up and transform their potential for success.”

— Sara Canaday, Leadership Expert, Keynote Speaker & Award-Winning Author (

“We’re navigating challenging times and changes in business that demand a new approach to leadership, and Jeff Nischwitz’s Snow Globe Leadership delivers just the leadership disruption we need. Much like the shifts offered in my book Transfluence, Jeff encourages leaders to embrace vulnerability, authenticity and empathy as leadership superpowers in order to build trust, nurture cultures and grow businesses.

— Walter Rakowich, Business Leader, Former CEO of Prologis & Author of Transfluence: How to Lead with Transformative Influence in Today’s Climates of Change

“Jeff encapsulates the simple into the profound by making snow globes the perfect metaphor for one’s own leadership “shake ups”. He boldly invites leaders to assess their organization’s tolerance factor and declares that what and who an organization tolerates, in fact, becomes the culture. A must read for leaders and aspiring leaders.”

— Deana Labriola, Partner, Fox Rothschild LLP

“In your hands you hold the new guide for leading in a time of tremendous change and challenge. There has never been a better time to take the best of what go you to this moment, apply this wisdom and become the leader you were always meant to be. Adding just one step consistently over the course of your year will transform your culture and elevate your influence.”

— Mark LeBlanc, CSP, Author of Never Be the Same and Rainmaker Confidential

You can order copies of Snow Globe Leadership: Shaken Not Settled here!