Leap Year

According to the calendar, 2020 is a leap year but calendars can be deceiving and limited. For me, 2019 has been a leap year in so many ways. I leapt in 2019 by writing my next book – Just One Step: The Journey to Your Unstoppable You (due out in November). I leapt by agreeing to lead a Mankind Project men’s weekend in Ireland in May. I leapt by taking an epic trip to Alaska for a cruise with my entire family. I leapt by heavily investing in several marketing initiatives for my business. These are big leaps, but the biggest leap happened this month.

After thirty-five years living in Cleveland, I sold my condo and moved to Tampa, FL to pursue a relationship. Yes, while you were sleeping I left NEO, which not only means so many new things in my personal life but has also opened the door to a new vision for my business. Rather than being committed to being a full-time road warrior, I’m now committed to building my business in the Tampa Bay area, central Florida, Florida and the southeast (NC, SC, GA and FL). With the move, The Nischwitz Group now has three offices – Tampa, Cleveland and Raleigh.

When I came to Tampa I knew one person here (Thank you Gordon Barr!), and I’m now purposefully building a whole new network here (professional and personal). As part of this, I’ve also leapt into the Tampa Bay business community and various organizations. I’ve reached out to people that I know to ask, “Do you know anyone in the Tampa area that I should meet?” I’ve reached out to strangers that I’ve discovered on the Internet or who I saw across the room at a chamber meeting. 

One thing I’ve already learned is that the incredibly high quality of people that I’ve been meeting in NEO and in other parts of the world is continuing in Tampa. I’ve already met a number of people, and they’ve all been welcoming, supportive and helpful (typically introducing me to someone else that I need to meet here). It feels good to differently exercise my relationship building muscles in a new place and with new people.

I’m sure I’ll be sharing more in the weeks and months ahead, but I figured it was time to share the exciting news with all of you. I’ll be regularly back in NEO to continue to serve many clients there, so don’t be surprised if you see me working at a nearby Panera or enjoying a glass of Cabernet somewhere.

No matter who you are or how present you are (including me), leaping is still scary, and I’ve experienced every emotion this summer as I’ve started my transition to Tampa. I’ve experienced joyful highs and sad lows. I’ve been angry and I’ve certainly been scared. And yes, I’ve doubted myself and wondered if I could do this (welcome shame). Contrary to what you might believe about me and life, all emotions are natural – the only question is what I (and you) do with them. 

I’ve been leaping in many parts of my life for the past twenty-five years, and this summer I chose to take some leaps that are way outside my box and comfort zone. I had many reasons not to leap, but I leapt anyway. A friend recently wrote me this note: 

“Happy for you to take what others might consider a courageous move and I would describe as a natural and normal choice. Many don’t have the courage as adults to go all in, preferring through fear to avoid the commitments you have made. That’s what men do. They step into love and risk and family.”

When I decided to take this leap, I naively and perhaps, arrogantly, thought it would be easy. I was wrong. Make no mistake about it – change can be scary, challenging and difficult – and that’s just as true for me.

And here I am – living in Tampa, redesigning my business and building a new relationship one step at a time. Like all leaps (yes all), I don’t know how it’s going to turn out, and I don’t control the outcome. I am trusting, I am learning, I am growing, and I am believing, and that’s about all I (or any of us) can every do. Certainly, 2019 has already been a leap year for me and that’s certain to continue for a long time into the future. 

What about you? Where and into what are you ready to leap?

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