Make Stories Together

We all have stories that define us (so far) and which form the basis for our perspectives, personally and professionally. Too often, organizations and leaders tell us or want us to leave our stories at the door, but that’s naïve. Those stories (our own stories) are a fundamental part of the perceptions we bring to every job, interaction and relationship.

However, what matters more than the stories we bring to a team or organization are the stories we can make together as team members. What’s so often missed is the ways that teams create stories together – either by design and on purpose or by default as stories unfold as a result of our day-to-day interactions.

Stories matter and they form the foundation of our relationships, whether personal or professional. Once teams start to create stories together what matters most is the togetherness, more than the stories themselves.

Too many teams never purposely develop stories together. These are not scripted stories, but stories than unfold when people trust each other and see themselves an “in it” together.

Right now, we’re all “in it” together when it comes to the coronavirus. Even if our collective and individual experiences are different, there’s a common story thread that binds us.

It’s time to embrace the story creation model that comes from trust based working and experiencing together. The stories we create together matter more (and often exclusively) over the stories that we experience or create separately. What stories are unfolding and waiting to be made together starting tomorrow? Pay intention, be open and embrace the togetherness that we’ve always shared and will always share no matter what the nature of that togetherness.

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