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Are You Ready to Get Your Snow Globe Shaken?

We all know about snow globes — they’re beautiful, pristine and tranquil, AND the magic ONLY happens when you shake them up! Meet Jeff Nischwitz — a man on a mission to help people shift how they see the world and thereby shift their experience of the world. Jeff IS a snow globe shaker for impactful change in leadership and in life.

Known as a Facilitator of Truth (self-truth), Jeff Nischwitz is a force of nature and is waking up business and association audiences across the country with his messages about conscious leadership, empowering teams and personal transformation. Click here to see Jeff in action!

Big in stature and bigger in heart, Jeff is a giant in authenticity and is leading audiences on a magical journey of self-awareness and discovery that is transforming leaders, organizations, teams, and people! Jeff energizes audiences on a wide range of topics including leadership, relationship building, building empowered, engaged and entrusted teams, navigating change, innovation and personal transformation. Inviting Jeff to wake up your audience is an invitation to acceleration, disruptive thinking, and inspired perspectives designed to create shifts in thinking and outcomes. Whether you’re looking to grow sales, invigorate your team, build your leaders or tap into your audiences’ whole other level, Jeff will deliver an inspired message that will empower, inspire and accelerate.

Jeff serves his clients to help accelerate their leadership, team engagement, accountability, impact and outcomes. Jeff’s the author of four books. His first book was a master guide for lawyers and other professionals on building and growing a professional services firm: Think Again! Innovative Approaches to the Business of Law (American Bar Association 2007).

His personal leadership book – Unmask: Let Go of Who You’re “Supposed” to Be & Unleash Your True Leader (Motivational Press 2014) — is a road map for navigating your own personal journey as a leader in your business, career, relationships and life. Arrows of Truth: Simple Shifts for Personal Transformation (Eagle Heart Press 2017) is filled with new ideas and different perspectives to help you Get Shift Done! In 2020 Jeff published his personal leadership memoir based upon his walking journey on the Camino de Santiago in Spain, Just One Step: Walking Backwards to the Present on the Camino Trail (Eagle Heart Press 2020). His newest leadership book, Snow Globe Leadership: Shaken, Not Settled was published in November 2021. If you’d like to learn more about booking Jeff, Click Here.

Recently called the “Wayne Dyer of business” by a meeting host, the heart of Jeff’s messages is this core belief:

You’ve spent your entire life achieving according to “stories” – what you believe to be true about business, life and yourself. Some stories are true and empower you, but many are blocking your path. Are you ready to face your stories and rewrite the stories that are holding you back? We help you challenge your stories and unleash your full potential!  ~ Jeff Nischwitz

Here’s what recent attendees had to say:

“Jeff’s presentations and workshop at our recent conference in Athens, Greece were exceptional. He managed to challenge our current views on leadership within accounting in an engaging, insightful and humorous way. His no-nonsense approach and excellent story telling made our audience take note and I’m sure they will be implementing his excellent advice. We would definitely recommend Jeff to anyone who wants a speaker who can challenge your thinking and keep your audience captivated. He is a 5-star speaker.” Tendai White, Executive Director, INPACT Europe, Middle East & Africa & INPACT Central South America

“Just wanted to say how inspiring I found your presentation yesterday.  I have come back with lots of ideas, but perhaps more importantly a proper grounding for some of the things that I do that seem to work and this has given me confidence to push it further. When you came on stage with your jacket and boots I said to my managing partner this guy will need to have some charisma and talent to pull this off.  But from the first minute there was ever any doubt on that score.  Thanks so much. Delighted that you shared your experiences and wisdom with us yesterday. Keep shaking it up!” Richard Baker, Stephens Scown LLP Partner, London UK Law Expo

“Over the years, I’ve had the opportunity to hear some of the best speakers of our time, such as Zig Ziglar, Tom Hopkins, Tony Robins. Jeff Nischwitz ‘s recent program was one of the best I have ever heard. That’s right — one of the best I have ever heard. His delivery was engaging and inspiring, but more importantly his message was from the heart and delivered to the heart. It reminded me to take a different look at my life, priorities and choices, and inspired me to shift gears in many areas. If you’re looking for someone to deliver an inspirational message with impact and tangible actions, I encourage you to invite Jeff to help you shake things up for the better.” John Sobolewski, Executive Director, Power of More

Download Jeff’s speaker information in PDF format. Click here to contact Jeff about your event or training needs. Click here to see Jeff in action!

“Accelerator.” “Relationship Builder.” “Master Storyteller.” “Story Debunker.” This is how business leaders describe Jeff Nischwitz. Jeff is the Founder and Chief Transformation Officer of The Nischwitz Group, a speaking, consulting and coaching company that transforms people and organizations… one story at a time! Jeff helps businesses accelerate revenue, develop effective leaders, nurture high performing teams, and execute on their objectives.

As a national keynote speaker and master facilitator, Jeff energizes audiences across the country and challenges people to take charge of their businesses and their lives. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll challenge yourself, and you’ll leave with the tools and different thinking you need to transform your business, your relationships, and your life. Jeff captivates audiences on a wide range of topics including conscious leadership, accountable teams, relationship building and business development, the power of questions, overcoming self-limiting beliefs, and connecting to your authentic story. At the core, Jeff empowers audiences to overcome the stories that are holding them back in all aspects of their life.

Jeff’s audiences experience disruptive thinking, challenging questions, vulnerable sharing, and inspired perspectives on the impact of stories in their business and their life. Inviting Jeff to wake up your audience is an invitation to inspiration, to disruptive thinking, to being challenged, and to experiencing what others have called a snow globe shaking experience! If you’re ready to help your team members or association members shake up their snow globes, now is the time to call Jeff Nischwitz!

“Jeff’s presentation to our organization will leave a lasting impact for years to come.  Jeff understands and effectively teaches that sincere communication is key to all relationships. He provides you with the understanding and the necessary steps to enact positive change in your life. You will be moved by the effect Jeff will have on you and your workplace. I cannot thank Jeff enough for providing our organization with this type of insight. It has already made a tremendous impact on our team.” Zachary J. Mellion, DMD, MSD, Executive Committee, Akron Dental Society

“You challenged the company with the term ‘changeitude’ – embracing that it’s better to purposely create change instead of being a victim of it. I’ve since heard several conversations that have started with ‘imagine if’ and could see the ideas spinning in their head. It’s exciting to hear people who previously only focused on the negative now recognize the importance of leading change. You’ve energized us with the possibility of new possibilities! I saw the proverbial lightbulb go on for many as they identified with your examples about embracing change, so thank you for that! My new motto for life is ‘the magic only happens when you shake it up.'” Barbara Bodemer, Director of Human Resources, KIKO Company

“Jeff confirmed – with passion, conviction, experience, and real life examples – what most of us already suspected but were too afraid to admit. We cannot expect to feel like a whole person if we are living a double life. And the really great news about Jeff’s message is that the more honest, vulnerable, and authentic we are in all aspects of our life – the more successful and happy we will be in ALL ASPECTS OF OUR LIFE! So while Jeff may be billed as a business guru, his presentations are much more than that. They are an invitation and inspiration to transform your life.”  ~ Rebecca Schafer, Huddleston Bolen LLP

To invite Jeff to wake up your team, group, or organization, Click Here or contact The Nischwitz Group via email or 216.956.6587.

Keynotes in Demand (Click Here to See More About Jeff’s Topics)

  • Snow Globe Leadership: Shaking Up Your Leadership for More Influence and Impact
  • Shake Up Your Culture … One Shift at a Time
  • Just One Step: Unleashing Your Unstoppable You
  • The Accountability Shift
  • Unmask and Unleash Your True Leader
  • Accelerating Your Business … One Relationship at a Time
  • Change is Not an Option: Innovation is a Choice
  • Lights, Camera, Life: Life Lessons from the Screen

Download Jeff’s speaker information in PDF format. Click here for our Booking Inquiry Form!

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