Mirror Mirror© (adapted from Unmask: Let Go of Who You’re “Supposed” to Be & Unleash Your True Leader)

Waking up in your life is one of those good news, bad news stories. The good news: waking up is a beautiful gift to yourself, your business, your community and the world. The bad news: it’s only the beginning. While you can continue to wake up in deeper and more meaningful ways, your personal awakening thrusts you into the realm of personal awareness, which requires continual sharpening the rest of your life. Conscious leaders embrace the journey from awakening to awareness and then leap into the exploration of personal awareness, knowing that their leadership (in business and life) will be most impacted by their awareness. Awareness is the lynchpin to everything.

When it comes to your personal awareness, a critical concept is the mirror, but unlike a mirror that we use to examine ourselves physically, this much more important mirror is the place where you examine yourself emotionally, psychologically, mentally and spiritually. This mirror is also the place where you ask yourself deeper and more difficult questions about where you are, who you are and where you are going. This mirror is also your opportunity to tell yourself the truth about everything. If you think this mirror and looking into yourself can be scary, then you are getting it. I would be lying if I told you that this depth of self-reflection and assessment is easy or not laced with any fear.

Many of you are not familiar with this type of mirror for several simple reasons. First, it can be frightening to really face yourself. Second, few of you have had people in your life that model this type of inner assessment and truth-telling. Without having seen it before, you do not know how to do it or even that there would be value in doing it. You live in a culture where superficial living and wearing masks are sadly the norm, and looking in this mirror requires you to step outside everything you have seen, heard and experienced in your life.

Third, most of you were taught that the best way to assess yourself is through the eyes of others and by what they and culture think is correct, true or appropriate. By always looking outside of yourself, you let your confidence and leadership be determined by others, and you gear your actions toward meeting their expectations. Those expectations are often off-course and based upon the stories that others have come to accept in their lives. The truth is that if you compare yourself to the bar of others, you will most certainly come to the end of your life having played significantly smaller than your potential.

Finally, few of us have the courage to connect with people who can and will provide us with valuable outside perspectives to help us see what we cannot see for ourselves (our blind spots). While many of you have advisers, mentors and friends, you often surround yourself with people who either tell you what you want to hear or who are not themselves self-aware enough to give you the deeper perspectives and truths that you need to sharpen your awareness blade.

Are you ready and willing to tell yourself the truth? Have you surrounded yourself with people that are ready and willing to tell you the truth? Are you committed to constant improvement from the inside out? If so, then welcome to the journey of awareness and the deeper impact you’ll have in all phases of your life. If not, then I invite you to prepare yourself for the same results and outcomes that you’ve been experiencing up to this point in your life. The mirror is there for everyone, but each of you must choose to pick it up, face yourself and tell the truth!

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