Developing Rainmakers

Are You Ready to Make it Rain in Your Firm?

Ask any law or accounting firm what they could do better, and the answer is always the same … we need more people doing business development better and more consistently. In other words, we could use some more rainmakers. Everyone it, but few have it … so what’s the problem? That’s easy … most professionals did not go to school to become rainmakers; they went to become professionals. The clear opportunity is for firms to transform their good (or even great) professionals into good (or great) and consistent business and relationship developers.

The good news is that problems are known and there are solutions. The other good news is that the problems and solutions are virtually the same for all professionals. Consider the following top 10 list:

Top 10 Reasons Professionals Don’t Develop Business

  1. “I’m too busy”
  2. “I don’t know what to do”
  3. “I don’t know how to do it”
  4. “I’m uncomfortable with business development”
  5. “I hate selling”
  6. They haven’t been trained
  7. Their follow up is lousy
  8. They don’t have action-oriented plans
  9. They don’t have access to situational guidance, ideas and support
  10. We (the firm) don’t have a person to provide real-time accountability

Sound familiar?

On the other hand, rainmakers and their firms have one thing in common: they relentlessly execute the Business Development Habit!

High performing firms have a business development culture based upon effective training, action-oriented personal business development plans, consistent accountability to assure the quantity of business development activities, and ongoing coaching and support to assure the quality of the activities.

The Nischwitz Group has developed this proven business development formula for professionals … what we call the Business Development Habit.TNG

In working with hundreds of professionals, The Nischwitz Group has found that most firms do not have the internal resources to create and sustain a business development culture. That’s what we do best!

The Nischwitz GroupWe have also discovered the secret to unleashing professionals into their business development efforts … by identifying and debunking the myriad of internal “stories” that keep lawyers from becoming effective and consistent with business development. These obstacle “stories” include time, being busy, the “unexpected,” schedules, prioritization, what business development is (and isn’t), differentiation, big ideas vs. little and consistent, how to customize and personalize business development, the difference between closing opportunities and creating those opportunities, and the critical role of authentic story telling in building the relationships that drive successful business development. Let our “been there, done that” team help you remove the story blocks that are holding your professionals and your team back.

To accelerate and unleash your business development efforts and results in your firm, contact The Nischwitz Group via email or 216.956.6587.

Your Firm Accelerator … Jeff Nischwitz

Unleashing Rainmakers

From successful large law firm partner to founder of his own entrepreneurial law firm, Jeff Nischwitz successfully built a client base while practicing law and building and managing a law firm. Jeff has “walked the walk” and lived the experience as a large firm partner, as a solo practitioner, and as the founder and leader of an entrepreneurial law firm, which provides him with a diverse and practical perspective on the business of law firms.

Jeff’s first book, Think Again! Innovative Approaches to the Business of Law, was published by the American Bar Association in 2007, and offers Jeff’s innovative and practical advice on building an exceptional law firm, including leadership essentials in the business of law, secrets of effective relationship selling, and strategies for building a client centric law firm.


“Jeff’s book (Think Again!) is the gold standard of how a firm should be managed and how lawyers should endeavor to promote their practice. I consider your book to be an invaluable resource for law firm managers.”  ~ Michael Foster, Jackson Kelly, PLLC

“This hot-off-the-press title is the best new book to be published on growing and running a law firm in several years. It’s insightful, comprehensive, and unusually well written. It’s a must read.” ~ Bill Jawitz, Jawitz Legal Consulting

“In my view, if your firm only takes advantage of one new reference source or planning tool this year, this book is the one to select. It will encourage you to take a brutally honest look at what’s working and what’s not within your firm and to exercise your professional muscle to make change happen. . . . It’s one of the most valuable books I have read in my 20 plus years as a practice management consultant and coach. . . . The bottom line: ‘Think Again!‘ is a thoughtfully written book by an experienced attorney who’s ‘been there, done that.’”  ~ Nancy Bylerly Jones, Lawyers USA

The Nischwitz Group, a training, consulting and coaching company that helps lawyers, accountants, and other professionals accelerate their results. The Nischwitz Group works with professional service firms and their leaders in four core areas: business development training and coaching, team and leadership development, client experience, and law firm succession planning and future leader development.

“I was so blessed to have worked with Jeff in his capacity as a business coach. Just at the perfect time the Universe brought to me the gift of Jeff. The pieces of the puzzle I have been trying to fit together were finally there, creating the incredible scenery that is my life (personally and professionally). Working with Jeff gave me the boost I needed to get excited again about the wonderful service I perform for my clients. ”  ~ Mary Biacsi, Zoller|Biacsi Co., LPA