Field of Dreams

This week is the celebration of baseball – the All Star Game – and as a person who grew up with, loves and still plays the game of baseball, it reminds me of some of the great baseball movie lines of all time. There are two that I want to […]

It’s Always Easier Not To

I was recently nominated on Facebook to take part in the 22 Day Challenge. The Challenge is simple – video yourself doing 22 push-ups every day for 22 days to bring awareness to the cause of veterans who take their own lives (on average, there are 22 every day). You […]

Keep It Simple©

No, I am not writing about the already tired and overused K.I.S.S. concept (Keep It Simple, Stupid), at least not in the way that you’ve read about it before. However, I am suggesting that you focus on simplicity in how you think, believe and decide because simple is the only […]