Are You Ready to Unmask & Unleash Your Leadership?

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Unmask: Let Go of Who You’re “Supposed” to Be & Unleash Your True Leader (also available at Amazon and other online book sellers)

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Unmask is a must-read for any leader seeking to enhance their influence and impact. Jeff Nischwitz’s new concept of integrated leadership—what he calls LIVINGSHIPTM—represents a new way of living, thinking and leading. If you’re ready to put down your masks and ignite your true leadership and life, Unmask is a road map for navigating your own personal journey as a leader in your business, career, relationships and life.

Unmask offers readers all of the following and more:

  • Tap into the influence of the five Essentials of a Conscious Leader: Awake, Aware, Authentic, Accountable & Actionized
  • Unleash the transformational power of questions
  • Embrace a new model for compassionate communication, including Stickless AccountabilityTM
  • Experience insights into exponential thinking and accelerated leadership
  • Identify the inside stories that are blocking your way
  • Discover tools for debunking  your inside stories

Advance Praise for Unmask

~”It is so refreshing knowing the author of Unmask actually LIVES the message of this important book. Jeff Nischwitz not only introduces the world to Livingship, but he puts us all on a journey to living, leading and loving differently.” Tommy Spaulding, New York Times Bestselling author of It’s Not Just Who You Know

~”Unmask is such a good book, you are going to think you robbed a bank! Make a deposit for your career and read this book.” Jeffrey Hayzlett, Primetime TV Show Host, Bestselling Author & Sometime Cowboy

~“This book illustrates persuasively that who you spend time with and what you choose impacts the results you get in life.” Nido Qubein, Entrepreneur, Author, American Success Story

~”Nischwitz’s book is a road map of key learning points to move you forward in your life and career. Jeff’s message will help you shift your thinking, transform your language and be a truth teller to yourself. With his authenticity, true stories and compelling questions, Jeff will lovingly and truthfully guide you to Unleash the best of who you are.” Elizabeth Jeffries, Keynote Speaker, Executive Coach & Author of The Heart of Leadership: How to Inspire, Encourage, and Motivate People to Follow You

~“Unmask is a book for any person who wants to go from being a good leader to great leader. Jeff Nischwitz nails all the key components to being a leader that can take a group and organization to places they couldn’t have gone otherwise.” John R. DiJulius III, Author of The Customer Service Revolution

~”Jeff is a special human being. Unmask is filled with powerful insights that are both valuable and thought provoking. I encourage you to join Jeff on this amazing journey.” Toni Newman, Business Growth Expert, The Innovation Advantage

“Jeff is not only an amazing speaker but a person who ‘walks the talk.’ His passion and love of life come though in his words whether they are on paper or in one of his dynamic presentations. From our first encounter Jeff impressed me with his love of life and his boundless energy. You can’t go wrong by reading his insights and experiences that he so eloquently shares…….” Hal Becker, Author and Sales/Customer Service Strategist