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Known as a Facilitator of Truth, leadership thought leader and  snow globe shaker, Jeff Nischwitz is a force of nature and is waking up business and association audiences across the world with his messages about leadership shift and impact. Bringing in a speaker doesn’t work … unless your people leave the program with more than information. The keys to the change you want are discomfort and actionable tools. Jeff’s programs will disrupt your people’s thinking, stick with them long after the program and give them tools they can immediately implement to create new and different outcomes. Most important, the program content and delivery will be customized and relevant. As one CEO said at the end of a recent team leadership retreat, “you listened.” Don’t settle for a speaker – insist on a planter of seeds of change. Click here for our Booking Inquiry Form!

Big in stature and bigger in heart, Jeff Nischwitz is a giant in authenticity, leading audiences on a magical journey of self awareness and discovery that is transforming organizations, leaders, teams, and people. Here’s what one recent attendee had to say:

 “Every time I hear Jeff speak, he makes me laugh, lifts me up and makes me believe that anything is possible. I found myself awestruck as I looked through the entire audience standing with their eyes closed, connecting to the key to their heart’s desire. All orchestrated by Jeff. Courageous in the topics he chooses, Jeff’s gift is daring to discuss what others won’t (but need to), addressing a diverse crowd and trusting that his message needs to be heard.”  ~ TL Champion, Champion Studios

As a national keynote speaker and master facilitator, Jeff energizes audiences across the country and challenges people to take charge of their businesses and their lives. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll challenge yourself, and you’ll leave with the tools and different thinking you need to transform your business, your relationships, and your life. Jeff captivates audiences on a wide range of topics including conscious leadership, accountable teams, relationship building and business development, the power of questions, overcoming self-limiting beliefs, and connecting to your authentic story. At the core, Jeff empowers audiences to overcome the stories that are holding them back in all aspects of their life.

To learn more about Jeff’s keynotes and other programs, visit Waking Up Audiences. To invite Jeff to wake up your team, group, or organization, complete our Booking Inquiry Form or contact us via email or 216.956.6587.

Jeff shares his thoughts on the influence and impact that comes when you embrace The Leader Shift:

Listen is as Jeff talks about what The Nischwitz Group believes:

Listen to Jeff’s November 7th Blog Talk Radio Interview with Hollis Chapman and learn more about Jeff’s new book Unmask, story debunking and the passion behind Jeff’s work.

Jeff’s audiences experience disruptive thinking, challenging questions, vulnerable sharing, and inspired perspectives on the impact of stories in their business and their life. Inviting Jeff to wake up your audience is an invitation to inspiration, to disruptive thinking, to being challenged, and to experiencing what others have called Getting Jeffed!

 “Jeff confirmed – with passion, conviction, experience, and real life examples – the more honest, vulnerable, and authentic we are in all aspects of our life – the more successful and happy we will be in ALL ASPECTS OF OUR LIFE! While Jeff may be billed as a business guru, his presentations are an invitation and inspiration to transform your life.”  ~ Rebecca Schafer, Huddleston Bolen LLP

“My teams leave Jeff’s workshops both energized and committed to improving the interaction of their own teams. If your goal is to improve teamwork and add a valued partner to help your firm achieve results, then I highly recommend Jeff and his excellent programs.”  ~ Michael DiMino, President & CEO, Rural Metro Ambulance

 “I didn’t entirely know what to expect when I booked Jeff to speak, but I quickly found out I’d hit the jackpot. Here was a speaker with meaningful content, honest insight, powerful delivery AND inspiration! His warm presence and positive energy make him a natural ‘connector’ whose message resonates with attendees long after the lights go down.”  ~ Noreen Bridgham, Nonprofit Connect

 “The ‘buzz’ has been around the speaking industry how Jeff is just a fabulous speaker. Well, everyone was right. I just heard him speak the other day, and it really made me mad! Why you ask? As I was getting comfortable in my speaking career, this guy has to raise the bar and now we all have to up our ‘speaking abilities’ to keep up with him. Thanks Jeff, now I have to better myself because of you, and just when I was enjoying kicking back….”  ~ Hal Becker, National Speaker & President, The Becker Group, Inc.

 “I went home inspired …. it happens every time! When Jeff is on a stage speaking, it’s like the world has found a new light.”  ~ Raine Austen Let It Raine Music

“Thanks for the outstanding program which you delivered to our sales team – you exceeded our expectations on every level. Jeff’s ability to inspire new ways of thinking, new ways of approaching relationships and the tactical drivers to achieve sales success will surely lead to increased performance by our team.”  ~ Mitch Kroll, CEO of Findaway World

“Every time I have heard Jeff Nischwitz speak, I have come away mindful that authenticity is a powerful communication tool. He inspired me to try something new by revealing a secret about myself to an audience last week. The results were incredible and it may have been the best presentation I ever gave. Yes, I too have been “Jeffed” and look forward to more.”  ~ Betsy Muller Speaker, Author, Coach and Certified EFT Practitioner

Jeff in the news:

Jeff recently appeared as a guest on the Jennings Wire Podcast.  You can hear the interview in it’s entirety by clicking HERE.

Download Jeff’s speaker information in PDF format.

To learn more about Jeff’s keynotes and other programs, visit Waking Up Audiences. To invite Jeff to wake up your team, group, or organization, contact us via email or 216.956.6587.