What An Amazing Week!

What An Amazing Week!

I had an amazing week. How about you? Did you have an amazing week or did you just survive your week? Make sure you read all the way down to the last bullet point.

  • Met 10 new people via Zoom this week for one-on-one connection calls
  • Co-delivered a webinar on selling during the pandemic for 85 people
  • Participated in two virtual gatherings for different organizations I’m involved with (and learned a great deal)
  • Published two more awesome podcasts this week (one on personal energy and one on purpose in business)
  • Launched my newest book — Just One Step — and hit No. 1 in ten different categories
  • Connected with my cigar smoking group in Cleveland via Zoom
  • Created five more BED Talks (BED Talk 27 is below)
  • Paid for and participated in a business development training workshop to help grow myself and my business
  • Got some critical work done for the podcast
  • Moved the needle on getting my newest venture — Cardivera — closer to launch
  • Got word that I’ll be kicking off a new coaching client engagement next week (despite the pandemic)
  • Had several Zoom and phone conversations this week to help support others
  • Went for a bike ride every day so far this week
  • Had an important conversation with my business partner
  • Finished my most recent audiobook (Washington by Ron Chernow)
  • Started a new audiobook (White Fragility by Robin DiAngelo)
  • Watched some more episodes of Ozark on Netflix
  • Watched the movie 1917
  • Co-facilitated another MasterMind Monday experience
  • Laughed out loud many times
  • Cried a couple of times
  • Was scared a few times
  • Was sad a couple of time
  • Was happy and peaceful most of the time
  • Left happy birthday messages to a couple of friends and sang Happy Birthday to them on the voicemail
  • Trusted nearly every moment of the week (except those couple of scared moments)
  • Got takeout food two or three times this week and tipped 20% every time
  • Continued to employ my employee and my independent contractor despite the big loss in income
  • Created a new business development training and coaching package for my business
  • Invested in my business despite the loss of income from this pandemic
  • AND … didn’t make any money this week

And I had an amazing week. Just saying!

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